Little Robots

I tried some different colors and made a few changes to the base silhouette, like adding the gun and changing the positioning of the hands
Platformer Character


Even when I squeeze my eye, it’s hard to recognize a robot.
Maybe because of missing the feet… The grey color is the best, the color help to see it as a bot.

Thank you for the feedback, really appreciate it

I do see the robot, but I also see why people might have trouble not seeing the robot.

I think the issue is that the light is all over the place, both shoulders have the same light and that causes perspective issues, perhaps making the one in the back darker might help, same with the legs. There’s also that pixel in the head, I honestly don’t know what it is trying to convey.



they remind me a lot of the robots in the testing grounds of Overwatch.

i definitely get the design, the lighting was a little spaced out between colors. I think a middle color between the brights and your mid tones could of really help sell the lighting placements.

I am very new to pixel art in general. I like looking over others art and seeing how they achieved their goals and if i were to take on the same design, would I do anything different. so take what ive got to say with a grain of salt :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Your progress and what you have come up with through the course is wonderful, i like where you are going <3