Linux renders way faster than Windows 10?

Not sure if its been discussed before, but it may help others out there who (like myself) had to upgrade their GPU for the bunny/ particle system lessons.
For all I know the performance gap may have been mitigated with more recent updates to windows, nvidia drivers, or Blender itself.

I hope I’m not essentially perpetuating a myth, but at the very least Ive read many posts and seen several videos from as recent as January demonstrating Linux to render at twice the speed of Windows with gpu render.

perhaps someone with both OS could chime in?

I feel that if we can confirm that this is still the case, it would be very pertinent info to share on the Udemy course itself somewhere (swapping a cheap hdd w/ linux in every time you use blender for double speed could really make a difference for people on a budget.)

Hope this helps someone out.

I’ll give this a test when i get to that part of the lesson if no one else has answered you at that point. I’ll even go as far as to record it for side-by-side

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