Limiting instances to more than 1

So, I did this by keeping a count of the number of instances made, and limiting it (in this case) to 1. However, I like this method more because it’s easier to use it later if I wanted to have a maximum number of instances of an object. Is there another benefit to keeping one instance as a static variable as shown in this video?

I rattled my brain around the challenge part and came out with this, and it works just as fine…

public static int musicPlayerCount = 0;

void Start ()
    int x = MusicPlayer.musicPlayerCount;
    if (musicPlayerCount >= 2)
        print("duplicate MusicPlayer died");

I did something sort of the same. I used a Static bool value and on start if it was true it would destroy the object, else set the value to true:

public static bool player = false;

void Start () {
    if (!player) {
        print("Duplicate Music Destroyed");
    } else {
        player = true;
}//end Start

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