Lightmap Memory Error

Anyone ever seen this error before in the Unity Compiler? How do you fix it? Stack trace is a single line only:

Progressive Lightmapper: Material render job skipped - out of system memory.

No visible issues in-game, it’s not exactly causing me any problems (that I know of, yet… idk, could cause a nightmare when it comes to the final build), double clicking the stack trace doesn’t lead to anything, but it’s brand new to me and it has me suddenly curious

Out of system memory pretty much says it all. More system memory needed. This can be caused by too many projects open, too many other programs open, too many assets in the scene, or… the most obvious… not enough system memory.

Google Chrome doing a fantastic job eating my RAM I suppose… no way 16GB RAM is fully consumed by Chrome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I run a 32 gig system, and memory runs tight on my system…

oh wow… I really hope you’re doing well over there :sweat_smile:

My Rider is usually not that large, but I have an Unreal project open with debugging symbols…

I’m personally keeping a thousand miles away from Unreal, for one reason only:

  • Dealing with Pointers and Memory Allocation (and I’m guessing they have wild system demands)

If you’re hitting memory errors with Unity, you’ll really hit them with Unreal. I don’t even have the Editor open, I only open it when I’m not editing the code (called directly from Rider), as you actually compile part of the Editor’s code every time you compile.

Memory Allocation is better than it used to be. Pointers have one distinct advantage…
In C++, if you have a reference type (a class) then you’re generally dealing with a pointer, and you have to mark it as such with MyClass* or a special wrapper class. Accessing a member is generally done with a ->. If you have a value type (struct, or primitive), then you generally are passing a copy of the item. Accessing a member is with the . instead of → In either case, it’s clear when reading the code because of the way we access it…

In C#, the good news is you don’t have to worry about it, Reference types and Value types look exactly the same. No de-referencing because the . takes care of it for you, even though it looks like a struct accessor…

This can actually lead to some dangerous situations…
For example:
If I have a method:

public void Oops(List<int> importantList, int importantNumber)

In the calling function, the list passed to the method will be cleared! The number passed to the function will be unchanged, because the List was a reference value, you’re working on the real McCoy, and the int was just a copy, you can do whatever you want with it.

In C++, you would know by the header that you were working on a reference value

     void Ooops(USomeSillyObject* SomeSillyObject, int importantValue);

You can tell the first one is a reference value, so be careful with it.

Apart from being responsible for forcing me to fail a programming class in my first year of University? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (That unit was a nightmare back then!)

We were dealing with Linked Lists and Pointers… Linked Lists was something that took me over a year to grasp (hint: now you get that I’m an incredibly slow learner), and even then I still struggled miserably to program one when an assignment was given to us again. Exam LUCKILY went well back then

Fortunately, we don’t have to deal with Linked Lists here (or in Unreal, for that matter).
Little known fact: List structures under the hood are linked lists, but they do al the work for us.

ahh thank god they do all the work for us. I mean I can probably figure a way out to code a linked list if it’s absolutely necessary (but I’ll definitely need help too), but at this point in time, I’d rather just focus on using the advanced tech we have available in our hands, and build on that :slight_smile:

I could write one if asked for an interview, but within Unity, I wouldn’t even consider it.

at this point in time, if I ever get called for an interview as a software engineer, I’m probably giving you a call and praying you’re not asleep :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (I just need either for this game to work, or a job (stupid risk, I know)… there’s no in between)

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