Lighting a low-poly Jake the Dog

Decided to take a break from binge learning and reinforce some of the stuff I’ve learned over the last few days.
Starting with something simple. Here’s an legless/armless Jake the Dog from Adventure Time that I put together over the last hour or so.
Keen to get the limbs on just play with extrusions.

Jake is kinda perfect for Blender considering his stretchy nature. Would be awesome to see a video on constructing and animating him.

Reinforcing your learning is always a good idea. And a great choice of subject, if I might add. However, could it be that you didn’t attach an image to your post?

Haha, thanks. Updated with image

Smoothed him out and getting weird artefacts on the nose and ears.
All the vertices on the nose are on the same axis for that face, so I’m a little unsure why it appears that way when smooth. I think I know what to do to fix the ears.

It passes the first test: it looks like Jake the Dog :slight_smile:

As far as the artifacts are concerned: Perhaps it’s the fact the the area around the nose is one face with a lot of different vertices on its edges? Have you tried connecting some of the opposing vertices to create smaller faces? This should also help in making sure the entire geometry consists of planar faces (seems like it’s several non-planar ones at the moment).

Also: the nose seems a bit heavy on polygons. I’m sure you’d get by without subdivision and just model a smooth nose using the bevel tool.

Looking good overal. Keep it up!

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