Life after the Complete Unity Developer: Where to next?


Since my last topic got nuked along with the old boards, I’d thought I start it up again and hopefully it gets stickied.

What do you guys suggest now that you’ve completed the Complete Unity Developer, are there any tips, tricks, and without mentioning other courses that will help you kick along on your journey to be a gamedev? Special shout out to Ben’s other courses which are definitely stepping stones to bigger, better, and more awesome games and game developers.


I think that after that course (or even if you have not finished yet) you should make your own games and post them in Google Play / App Store. I always do my own versions of Ben’s games so it tooks a little bit more time and I also make my own productions. What is really important in making your games is that you have to write your own code / find some materials / try to solve problems on your own and after that you get feedback from Google Play / App Store users who downloaded your game (I mean comments or marks) what gives you knowledge about your skill / creativity etc. Having that you can make another games better.

I think you should also try to find a job or intern as Unity Developer (if you feel comfortable). I think people who were programming in other languages before should try, without a doubt.


^Agreed, 100%. Ben’s Unity Developer course was my intro to Unity. After that I started tackling on more projects, finding artists to collaborate with (I’m much better/more interested in programming and design) and networking with my local development community. Aside from a software development internship, I acquired a part-time contract with a local game developer in my city. Granted, I’m going to school for CS and there’s a burgeoning indie community where I live, but there’s a good amount of opportunity for remote work too.

Most important is that you keep finding projects and problems to solve, building a portfolio and meeting people. I focused on finding a job because I knew that it’d be the quickest way to “level up” my game dev skill.


Wow, this sounds promising since this is the direction I want my career to take (or close since I want to learn Unreal Engine as well); I am especially interested in level design, although everything I’ve learned with Unity so far has been awesome. I was just wondering when you mention finding artists and a local community (do you mean online?) if there is anywhere particularly good to start looking online (I live in the northeastern US if that is of importance), or if it’s something I just need to search for via google and the like?


Google is definitely a great place to start, as usual. Depending on where you live you may wanna look for game dev meetups/groups, I always think connections made in person are stronger and more likely to pay off, but that may just be my preference.

There’s a ton of communities online that can help you find people to collaborate with to get some experience and exposure. The obvious places to begin are the forums for the individual engines - Unity in particular has a phenomenal community. Aside from those, there’s certain subreddits that are pretty great; r/gamedev and r/gamedevclassifieds in particular. The latter has postings for jobs and projects that need filling, as well as people marketing themselves for jobs and projects. Another two that I can think of (off the top of my head) are IndieDB and TIGSource. Both of them are communities with helpful people and job postings.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask at anytime! Like I mentioned on my prior post, the most important thing is that you find projects to work on and expand your skill set. Look for things outside your comfort zone and continuously build the skill. Extra Credits, one of my favorite game design theory resources, has an awesome video on it:
Extra Credits: Fail Faster - A Mantra For Creative Thinkers


Thanks a ton, I’ll definitely take a look at these :slight_smile: