Letter Animation for Logo;

Hey Blendies,

I am re-starting this blender tutorial from scratch. I reached the point of chess pieces before time became an opponent. I am hoping in creating a logo for that has the animation having 2 words stretch out from 2 initials. So picture a logo intro with the 2 letters BA, and then animate to show the words Blender Academy. I wanted to create this discussion to see if they would be able to point to any literature or videos that would help me grasp how this would happen. Most of the logo animation I’ve seen videos of is more about the camera angles changing through the intro, or something happens to the text during the animation (ie. words melt, burn, blow in the wind, etc.) Hate to be wordy, or demanding just seeing if anybody has had similar ideas. Feels good to go through the course again, so if this is your 1st step into blender, congrats and best believe this is fun!


I’m going to be starting the tutorials and wasn’t sure about how they would go or if it would be fun. I’m used to using another app with similar modeling software, but not as advanced and less flexible. thank you for your comment, its encouraged me to take these courses and learn more about Udemy.

-Lucas Reed

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