Let's Hear Your VR Ideas

It the era of VR and this forum is so quiet compared to the rest. Now is the formative time for VR.

What are you going to build? How will you entertain, teach or otherwise help people with VR? What are your fears? What are the hidden opportunities?

In other words talk!


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Need to get a HTC Vive first ^^;

I’d love to see you adapt your hover tanks game for Google Cardboard. Gaze to aim, button to go forward. Tank rotation follows aim but lags

And how would you shoot? I think there is only one button on the google cardboard? xD

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It could auto shoot once the aim is locked?

Hope I’m not highjacking the conversation. Just wanted to pop-in, in response to the original post. I’m very excited to learn about VR development. Currently going through the complete Unity Course to learn more about Unity and scripting and also until I have a proper VR rig.

Really enjoying the tutorials! If there’s a suggested point it would make sense to jump off the Complete unity course and jump over to the VR course, I’d be interested in hearing it.

For context, I’m more interested in building VR experiences and tools that are apart from traditional games. Not that I don’t have a lot of love for games. :wink:

The first big project I have in mind is enabling improvisational comedy in VR.

Ultimately my goal is to be a VR product owner or director, with a high level understanding of the technologies and skills involved in VR development rather than a deep capability of any one particular skill set. I have professional experience in QA, QA automation and am learning agile/lean methodologies in my current job with a company that builds enterprise Web applications. I’m capable enough to build a relatively simple rails web app but haven’t gone much deeper than that specific to code. I’ve also learned a bit of .net on my own.

If you have guidance with the above in mind it would be greatly appreciated.

Either way thanks for making awesome tutorials!


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well, just ordered myself an S6 today (from a useless windows phone), still out of the country at the mo, but looking to pick up a Gear next pay packet too :wink:

so this course will be on my purchase schedule shortly i think :slight_smile:

I have contemplated converting my existing Air Defender 3D (Android/iOS) game to be VR capable as my first practical exercise in VR. From what I’ve seen and learned from the VR course so far it should be fairly straightforward. Since my game uses only single taps for control it would work perfectly on Google Cardboard or GearVR. I haven’t really looked into how publishing to GearVR works though. I would also have to change my monetization strategy because Unity Ads doesn’t support VR ads as far as I know.

I am excited to participate in VR development. I have an HTC Vive, but do not yet have a video card that can power it. I am hoping to buy a GTX 1070 soon, but have been waiting for the non-Founders Edition cards to be available. For now, I am just working with VR in Google Cardboard.

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Maybe have some form of sensor where the button shoots if there is an enemy in the general direction you’re looking, or moves if there isn’t? Not sure on the extra lag this might generate though…