Let's create a Dungeon Crawler! (LF Coder)

Hey all who happen to be reading this post. I am a 3D modeller who has a college degree and a couple years experience working for some indie teams. I can create low poly models and even animate. However, while I am taking steps to code and program I would prefer someone else to help out there. I can’t really offer much payment for help at this time, but would be happy to share whatever results.

Here is the current Demo/Concept after following the RPG creator course so far:
Project Dungeonis

The short of it is I just really want a challenging dungeon crawler/monster hunter kind of game (single player RPG format for now, perhaps branching out into a multiplayer game later on). The basic concept being interconnected towns with dungeons around them and some cool story progression. I am looking for more than a hack and slash, I want to integrate some puzzles such as move things around to sit on certain tiles to open doors; or collect pieces or some object.

I have went through Ben’s Unity course and am taking the current RPG course as well to try and make it happen as much as I can on my own. But I would love the chance to work with others and get more cool stuff to happen with this idea!

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Hi @Casey_S, i’m currently taking the RPG course too. I’d love to collaborate on a project. Do you want to set up a google hangout so we can talk more about it?

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Sorry it took a couple days to get back. Sent you a message though. I was just thinking about looking around for some more people. More people = more stuff we can implement and a cooler game we can build imo.

Got a quick vid for anyone else who is curious about the project. Might have to research video captures since fraps seems a bit fuzzy and only record 30 seconds but here you go:

This has a lot more than the initial download I provided but easier just to show a quick demo than explain all the changes.

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