Lesson about Mass (and Stupidity)

I know this was from a different lecture but I found it interesting how realistic Unity actually is.

In the example, Ben’s rocket is much smaller than the helicopter in my scene. Therefore, I actually had to make the mass much lower in order for me to get a good effect going up and down. It’s pretty cool because tha’ts how helicopters take off anyway, and eventually I’ll need it to go forward and turn also. So far so good though. I also got the car moving forward with transform Translate, which I’m sure we’ll learn about soon, but I’m mentioning it because I used Time.deltaTime * 100. That’s still too slow though, so it probably needs to be 1,000 to be realistic.

The movement is working though. My car started on the bottom left of the screen and so far I’ve gotten it to move forward, turn right and turn left. I’m having trouble with reverse for some reason, but I’ll figure it out soon.

Lesson on stupidity and attention to detail: To get a car to move back you need to translate it backwards. I copied and pasted Rotate code, so the down arrow made it do a continuous barrel roll! PAY ATTENTION.

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Cool cop car bro.