Lesson 13 Render

Hello all, i’m new in Blender and just finished my Lesson 13.
Having a lot of fun :slight_smile: I decided to build something i wanna use later on my mod/ game :slight_smile:


Nice little table.

Welcome to this site.

Right clicking on rounded parts and selecting ‘shade smooth’ will remove the faceted look.

Thanks its going to be in the an Achemy

One Question when i do your tip, everything from the rounded parts will be smooth. But how could i just smooth the sides?

Blender knows, or guesses. Using the angles of one face to another. Odds are for your simple cylinders it will automatically guess right.

If not there is a box in the Object data properties panel, normals, to tick called ‘auto smoothing’, which also has an angle slider that lets you decide where the angle ranges it smooths. Only works on shaded smooth objects

Beyond that, there are ways to select individual faces and tell them these ones keep flat. But that is getting too far into more advanced controls that you have not come to yet. For now, Just right click shade smooth, almost bound to be ok.

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