Lengthening the bone


I have created the lamp shade, created the ball joint, and put them together. I now need to lengthen the bone for the upper arm so that it sits in the middle of the ball joint. I can do this in Edit mode but not in Pose mode - it will only allow me to move the bone in rotation, not make it longer.

I have tried unparenting the bone, deleting it, and recreating it in the right position but it just pops back to where it was when I go into Pose mode.

Any suggestions gratefully received.



First, you needed to unparent the arm not the bone. However, that point became mute when you deleted it. So, delete that bone again and then recreate it and get it to the right position BEFORE you reparent the mesh. Once you’ve reparented you will need to apply the current pose as the rest position BEFORE going back to Pose Mode.

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Thanks for that. I coudn’t get it to work that way. It just kept popping back to the same length in pose mode.

However, I realised that I could lengthen the bone using the scale input. As far as I can see it is now staying where it should in all modes.

Thanks for the suggestion though!


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