LEGO bricks


I really enjoyed creating this small side project. It took around 1.5 hours to make and I think the outcome is quite good.
I would really appreciate criticism.



Did you make these after / during this course? Its quiet awesome to think I can achieve such awesome renders.


Thanks this was just a quick exercise for simulation, compositing and shader creation.
I took this course a while ago but I think that there is everything you need in the course to create a scene like this. The model of the LEGO brick is quite straightforward just a cube with a cut out in the bottom, some cylinders on the top, LEGO logo. Then you just have to do a quick simulation, find a nice camera angle and hit render.
Also, I would go to youtube and find some tutorials for the compositor.(CG cookie, CG geek, Gleb Alexandrov, Blender Guru)