Lecturer's final Number Wizard code - missing guess counter?

I just downloaded the Number Wizard final code from Lecture 55 to compare it to mine, and it is missing the functionality to count the computer’s guesses. Why is that? In the video lectures there is a counter.

On that subject, the lecturer’s choice of method for counting guesses is very strange - to reduce the value of MaxGuessesAllowed every time the computer makes a guess, and to take you to the Win screen when it reaches 0. This is a textbook example of when you should have a second variable (for example GuessesMade), which should be initialised to 0 and then incremented by 1 each guess, and then the Win state is reached when this value exceeds MaxGuessesAllowed.

You could say that their method reaches the same goal so it doesn’t matter, but since they are supposed to be teaching how to do this, they should really be teaching best practice, for making code that makes sense to a third party seeing the the code for the first time. Reducing the maximum allowed is counter-intuitive and confusing.

Also the Final Code has 3 scenes, with different names to the 4 scenes in the videos. Again, confusing and unhelpful.

I would like to add that so far I am enjoying the course, and I think they do a good job of explaining how Unity functions, but strange coding practices and inconsistencies (like telling us to create web content in Unity 4 when this function no longer works) do make it look a bit unprofessional

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