Lecture XX - Student Lecture Notes


I’m testing the idea that every lecture of every course has a wiki post like this, where students can edit-in the best notes, tips and ideas. Go-ahead, try editing, this is the sandbox after all!

I also want to see how the threading can work to decide if we have comments, and if so how to suggest formatting them.

Using rigidBody in Unity 5

In Unity 5 when you want to get rigidBody you need to do this…

private Rigidbody rigidBody;  // Rigidbody variable declaration

void Awake () {

void getRigorMortis() {
    // Rigidbody assignment, declaration must be of a suitable scope to allow assignment.
    rigidBody = GetComponent<Rigidbody>(); 

Thanks to @Rob for providing this considerably more humorous code

Student maintained lecture notes?

My two cents

So, I’m a new student not brave enough, or too new to the forum to edit the main topic. I could use a heading as the title of my feedback, then the body here for the - well - body!


Sure, great, glad you like the code and think it’s of value… how do I edit the notes?


This seems quite likely, at least the addition of the comments, whether someone who was completely new would feel confident enough to do it I’m not sure, depends on previous coding experience perhaps?

If you locked down the main post, accept comments, then take the new/better/improved solution from the member and pop it in, crediting them with the update - that might be nice? Could use the @ tagging perhaps? Does mean it needs to be managed then though…


I think having the comments, permanently, makes this wiki quite cluttered and distracts from the main post.