Lecture 60 - What I recognize

In the Header I recognize:

  • The pragma once, so it will only get included once
  • Two other header being included (actual .h files, hence the quotation marks)
  • A new class called UPositionReport, that seems to derive from another class called UActorComponent (since I clicked that when creating the new component).
  • Inside the class I see a public method UPositionReport. This must be the constructor.
  • A protected method called BeginPlay
  • Another public method called TickComponent.

What I don’t recognize:

  • The weird stuff after UCLASS, but I guess those are properties for Unreal 4 specific
  • Why 2 times public?
  • What is virtual void and what’s the difference to void?
  • All the parameters for TickComponent

In the cpp I recognize:

  • The defintions of all methods
  • More header files being included

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