Lecture 56 - What I do and don't recognise

In the cpp file, I notice the following looking familiar:

  • #include statements
  • Methods, two being of type void, not returning anything.
  • The pointer as mentioned in the lecture - FactorComponentTickFunction* ThisTickFunction

The following are not familiar yet:

  • The PrimaryComponentTick object/class (has properties so I’m assuming it’s an object or class)
  • the above’s bCanEverTick boolean property.
  • Super - I’m assuming this is similar to JavaScript where we refer to the superclass to the current class?

In the .h file I recognise:

  • #pragma once
  • #include statements
  • public class method constructors (I think I’ve remembered that correctly?)

What’s unfamiliar:

  • UCLASS and it’s settings within the parentheses
  • GENERATED_BODY() method
  • the virtual type which we’ve not seen before
  • the override suffix in the BeginPlay() and TickComponent() constructors - is this a similar concept to const?

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