Lecture 32 - Ball not shooting from correct point

In the lecture it say to add the BallLauncher script to the Player however when I do this the ball launches from a point to left and in front of my camera view. If I add the script to the Main Camera it works as it shows in the video.
I have gone back through all the videos and cannot see where I have gone wrong …

I’m having the same issue. Please advise.

Solved. On your main camera, make sure the position and scale coordinates match with Player. Once they match, it’ll work.

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You might have to get the camera and the player on the same level of hirachy before adjusting the values. Otherwise the child wild move relativly to the parent.

Make sure if you have the camera rotations 0’d out so there is no rotation offset form the player.
have the scrip on the player but reference the GetComponentInChildren() to get the camera rotation and make sure that rotation is global, that is transform.rotation rather than .localRotation.

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