Lecture 26 Plane challenge - Glider/Jet

Really enjoying this course so far :slight_smile:
Made a not so great plane/glider/rocket/jet

I could have spent a lot longer on this but I’m looking to power through this course.

Here are a few pics and renders:

Used a couple of things that might not have been covered yet, but 90% of it was done with the extrude and translate tools.

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I am not sure how much 3d modeling experience you have. If you are new, like I am, then you probably should not “power” through it. Taking your time and practicing each new skill you learn will give you a better muscle memory of it and you will retain more of each lesson. Just my own opinion of how I learn though. Learn the way you learn!

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

I’m new to blender but not new to 3d as a whole, I’ve maybe a couple of years experience with 3d coat, which is less of a polygon modeling tool and more of a digital sculpting and painting suite.

When I meant powering through the course I didn’t mean to not focus on the material. All I mean is a lot of concepts like rendering, lighting, cameras and the like are already familiar to me and after finishing Section 2 as of today, haven’t been covered at all so far. And that’s the only thing that disappoints me at all about the course. For someone new to 3d they might rather it be that way.

So I did a bit of research online and found out how the rendering works and as of finishing section 2 of the course I’m capable of modeling and rendering scenes like this:

Not to say I’m disliking the course. I’m really enjoying it so far and after maybe a week or two of working on it I’m able to make scenes like this from scratch with maybe a little extra online help.

Also I’ve multiple hours a day I can happily dedicate to spending on working towards this course. I’ve worked through every challenge so far, maybe not posted work on some of them, but still have them completed.

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