Lecture 140,141 - Initial Launch Speed doesn't work

Hi Guys,

In Video 140, 141 we create a ProjectileMovementComponent and use that to “SetVelocityInLocalSpace” to launch the projectile.

That works great … until you turn Simulate Physics on in the projectile blueprint.

I see on the web this is an issue with ProjectileMovementComponents.

Does anyone know how to set the initial velocity of a projectile with Physics turned on? I want to spawn a projectile, but have it bounce off of things (notice in Lecture 140-41 that the projectile passes through the ground …)

Around Lecture 180 or so we delete that projectile and create a static mesh in c++ and use that to implement particle systems. I noticed THAT projectile (collision mesh, really) doesn’t pass through the ground. I wonder if I need to try something like that …

(That “Thump Thump Thump” you hear is me banging my head on the desk …)


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