Lecture 12 Challenge

Here is my lecture 12 Challenge egg holders,

i tried to render them and in a way they went blur, and now it won´t even fit in the render screen so i gave up, i really don´t know anything about rendering lol, so i hope it will be explained in this course too…

When you render, you “take a picture” with the camera on the stage. Try moving it and use Numpad “0” to see through the camera in the 3D view! :slight_smile:

Askyl is correct. Render only sees what your camera is pointing at. So make sure you look through it by pushing “0” on your number pad or on your laptop keyboard if you have set it up to function like a number pad. You can also go to View/Cameras/Active Camera when in Object mode and you will see a square outlining what will render. Move the camera to see what you want, then select Render Image from either the Render menu on top or in the Render properties panel on the right (under the square camera icon).

Hope this helps.

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