Lecture 12 challenge - Drumkit

Used the prop i modeled from the lecture 11 challenge to model a drum kit.

Some useful commands i picked up while working on the kit are:

  1. Hold B to start selecting all objects within a selection box.
    I could then apply transformations or rotations on them easily.

  2. Hold Shift + X, +Y, +Z respectively while translating using the keyboard shortcut G to move your object within the
    plane defined by the remaining axes.
    Holding Shift + X for instance would enable you to move your object on the YZ plane.


Very nice work. I really like the use of primitives here. Very clever.

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Really cool drumset, the little drum on the bottom right on the left of your image looks like it has legs and walking around heheh

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It’s aliveeeee :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a different idea to use primitives. Meantime the drum really looks like a crazy video game character. :sweat_smile:

Strange that you should mention that. That is exactly the direction i want to take for the finished version of this model - a video game.

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