Lec 60. Hint: How to delete or rename objects in UE (VS17)

Today, when I created new Mesh object (class), I have made a mistake in it name, and was faced with the problem of how to rename or delete objects in the UE. Spent some time on this, I have found the solution and decided to share it with others. Maybe someone will find this helpful.

So, if you want to delete objects you should make following steps(If you use VS 2017 and UE 4.15.2):

  1. Close VS and UE Editor.
  2. Remove the files (.cpp + .h) of unwanted object from the project folder (look to the Source folder).
  3. Remove Intermediate and Binaries folders in the project folder.
  4. Click right button on project_name.uproject file and choose Generate VS project files.
  5. Open project_name.sln (With VS logo) file, and save the changes (click exit).
  6. Start UE Editor and start the project, when you receive a Missing Modules query just accept it.

But if you want to rename object (class), instead step №3 you should rename .cpp and .h files and then rename ALL links and definitions of your class in your project manually.

P.s. I apologize for possible mistakes, English is not my native language :).

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