Learning Games

I have question that how long does it take to learn Games developing/programming/designing.

Someone please help me to fix this problem.

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Hello @Sabeen_Moin,

Fairly open ended question… aren’t we as human beings in a constant state of learning? :slight_smile:

Regarding your error, not all of your scenes are in your Build Settings, add the ones that are missing, specifically the Start scene and that error will go away.

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I add all four scenes in build settings but it is still showing the error of “start” scene. :sweat:

Hi @Sabeen_Moin,

If you look very closely at the error at the bottom of your screenshot it says 'Start ’ - note that there is a space before the final quote;

So, whilst you have the ‘Start’ scene in your build settings, you are referencing a scene called 'Start ’ in code.

Have a look at the OnClick button event and in the parameter field where you have typed ‘Start’ there will invariably be a space on the end of that text (although you won’t be able to see it unless you select everything in that field).

Hope this helps.

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Thank you! :grin: . I fixed it!

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You are more than welcome @Sabeen_Moin, glad you can move forwards again :slight_smile:

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