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Hey everyone! I am new to coding, I have progressed in the course, but I chose to redo the opening projects just to practise. now it dawned on me, when one is learning code, should one learn the “words” in the code, like for example should one memorize what vector3 means, or what input means for example. I don’t know if thats clear, but for example when one is learning a foreign language one learn words and grammar, like hi how are you ect, should one learn the same type of “words” in programing? hope thats clear :slight_smile:

best regards Carl

Hi Carl,

I would suggest that when you come across a piece of terminology that isn’t obvious, creates some ambiguity or is just not making sense that yes, you look into exactly what it means.

You probably wont need to do this for everything as often a lot of terms are quite obvious and are also the same or similar across multiple languages…

For example;

Integer / int
Boolean / bool
For Each

In the above some of these are fairly obvious even if you havent written code before, a beginner could probably grasp that if may be used to check something. So the next problem becomes using the correct syntax, which can vary across languages.

Also, even when you know what a lot of the terms mean its always worth looking things up from time to time as you may want to perhaps calculate a specific value, you put together a method accessing a variety of properties and doing the calculation yourself… then you find that the objevt actually had a method that would return exactly what you needed anyway.

My point being, initially, learn what you need to to make progress, keep motivation and enthusiasm high. As things get more complex, start looking things up more, do a little more research, never be afraid to ask others for help and also, just experiment, its one of the best ways to learn :slight_smile:

Just my take on your question, hope this helps.

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thank you for your answer, I believe you have commented on one of my earlier posts aswell where you adviced me to practise everyday. now I have restarted the udemy course and done number wizard and text adventure over and over again so that now its kind of in the fingers. I have also experimented a bit on my own aswell and it works. Some things still seem a bit strange but its amazing how if one does something everyday it just starts to make sense even though one might have trouble explaning it in words. thanks again :slight_smile:

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Hi @Carl_Christophe_Loui, that’s so great to hear, e.g. the practicing but more importantly that you’ve tried some things yourself as I believe that really is key to learning new things. What’s great is that you have obviously gained confidence in order to do that - fantastic - well done you :slight_smile:

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