Laser Defender!

Remember when Space Invaders was all the rage? When you lose because
you shot at where the alien was instead of where he was going to be?

See how many points you can rack up shooting animated formations of
alien ships relentlessly flying in to attack.


High score saving (not tested on all browsers)

Animations, sounds, music, moving space background

keyboard control (left and right arrows to move, spacebar to fire) Spacebar held
down fires once per second. Increase fire rate by hitting your
spacebar so fast you break your keyboard.

demo mode (starts in 30 seconds, hit any key to go back to start screen)

player takes 3 hits to die (in this beta version, only one life); each enemy takes 3 hits to die.

Infinite number of enemies (a formation of up to 7 on the screen at any one time, new ones fly in as you wipe out the formation)

The source code and assets (for Unity version 5, a free download at is available here: .

plays well. would like to see you update the sprites, maybe add some explosion effects and vary the enemy formations. i found it a be easy and often couldn’t tell if i had been hit on not, then i would just freeze. found that a bit jarring, other than that, good job!!

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