Laser Defender with missiles and evasion

Hi there!

Been working on my Laser Defender game for a while now. Still got some work to do, but figured I would share what I’ve got so far. Give it a play if you’ve got a moment :slight_smile:

The Last Defender

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Very nice game. Congrats.
Feels quite polished. Nice looking sprites and text.
Great idea and execution on missiles and evasion. Neat!
I have some issue with enemies not settling down as I shot them down in similar rate as they appear, have to wait for all them to come.
As missiles are not too powerful, it would feel great to have more of them, or even better, if I could get more of them while playing.
But loved your game so far.
Oh and explosions look good as well.
Carry on a great work :wink:

Wow! Very Impressive and I agree it does feel very polished. I’m just starting off with mine.

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