Laser Defender....rebuilt!

I went through the Unity course section on Laser Defender a second
time and rebuilt it from the ground up, incorporating all kinds of
lessons-learned from the first time, and added features as well. This
has the effect of solidifying my knowledge, as well as producing a
better game.

The source code is also available on Github:

And finally, the README file:


Alien invaders arcade game, rebuilt from the ground up!

Remember when Space Invaders was all the rage? When you lose because you shot at where the alien was instead of where he was going to be? See how many points you can rack up shooting animated formations of alien ships relentlessly flying in to attack.


  • High score saving

  • Animations, sounds, music, moving space background

  • keyboard control (left and right arrows or A and D to move, spacebar or Ctrl or mouse to fire, Alt or right mouse for alt-fire). Should work with gamepads too.

  • Infinite number of enemies (a formation of up to 9 on the screen at any one time, new ones fly in when you wipe out the formation)

This is a class project from the Udemy Unity course

Newly updated features:

  • options menu to adjust music and SFX volume

  • ability to pause game, quit game or change options in game

  • 3 plays for a “quarter”

  • more ship types, improved animations, two firing modes, more effects


As someone used to the oldschool Space Invaders-style games, that’s pleasantly unforgiving. Gotta love what the faster pace does to that style of game.

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