Laser Defender My Version

This was a tough one. The learning curve rose sharply for me and I had to go back to the earlier lessons several times to understand some of what’s going on in the scripting parts. I learned a ton but I got pretty disappointed that I couldn’t accomplish all the features I wanted to add to this game. So before I get stuck frustrated I wrapped this project up and launched it. Your feedback is welcome and I look forward to learning more in the next course!

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I liked it, especially the music you added which was way more dramatic than the stuff I used. Did you produce that yourself.

Good work.

Hey thanks! I actually just got the music from the same site Rick recommended. I just spent time browsing around a bit, they have some decent stuff on there.


really cool implementation!

I really wanted to get the UFO, so had to try several times (really suck at this games :D)

Best Reagrds,