Laser Defender Early Previews - Cancelled



These sprites look great, well done @Kevin_teeDee, can wait to see these in your next game video @Horusofoz :slight_smile:


Update 20181101


  • Added the awesome boost sprites provided by @Kevin_teeDee. They’re double scale ATM but think I’ll take it down to 1.5.
  • Changed the power up collected animations

Bugs Fixed

  • Player projectiles continuing on after hitting enemies. I’d like this to be for later weapons only. Will have to look how to enable for the later weapons.
  • The star fields particle systems we’re emitting over the top of the player. Now behind on Z index

Bugs Found

  • WaveConfig OnEnable function to set a random boost is triggering before the singleton GameSession has made the list of boosts available.

Still a lot more to do and fix but that’s all for now folks :wink:


haha this is cool! Very excited to see it :slight_smile: One note about scaling, it might be different with unity, but pixel art doesn’t scale that great, so if possible try to scale it by factor of 2 (64x64->128x128->256x256 etc)

can’t wait to see more


Update 20181103


  • Added 3 background materials based on sprites provided by Ken (thanks again). There’s an issue with the scrolling
  • Replaced boost sprites with scaled versions
  • Updated animation for new scaled boosts
  • Removed RandomSpawnFactor from WaveConfig as don’t think I use it in the game and can’t recall where did in base game

Bugs Fixed

  • NA

Known Bugs

  • WaveConfig OnEnable function to set a random boost is triggering before the singleton GameSession has made the list of boosts available.
  • Background scrolling not working correctly when replacing texture/material

Trying to develop an effective method for designing levels. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

First, creating images showing each of my existing paths such as;

examplePath01 examplePath02 examplePath03

Next, figuring out a method for visually planning a level while documenting details. After a bit of trial and error I’m currently using Google Slides. Not sure how scalable it’ll prove to be but here is link to what Level01 looks like at the time of writing.

I’ve just made the one level at this stage as it proved to be a lot more time consuming than I thought plus I kept uncovering things I wanted to change/add but had to be put aside to complete the level.

I’ve messed up the UI scaling terribly as this is what my menu is looking like :frowning:

Should be like this;

Anyway here’s just the level for those willing to play test such an early alpha, Enjoy :slight_smile:

Scratch that. It gets worse :frowning:

Guess I should have been building and testing a lot earlier. I’ll start trying to pick it a part and work out what the scaling issues are in the coming days.

Take care :wave:

Here’s a quick video showing what the game should look like. The level shown is meant to serve as a tutorial of sorts, introducing how enemies move, boosts and bosses.


Update 20181205 - End of the line

I’ve come to the decision to put a pin in this project. I’ve learned a lot and shared those lessons here in the updates.

The big take away is test early, often and on all the aspect ratios/platforms you intend to support.

Most of the assets are freely available via Kenney Assets. Boost sprites were kindly provided by @Kevin_teeDee.

The code is freely available on GitHub for the interested. Unfortunately I have not been able to resolve the scaling bug. However I’m leaving the project and thread up in case anyone wants to make use of some of the systems I was able to add such as;

  • Shields
  • Health/shield bars
  • Boost system
  • Multiple directional weapons
  • Volume sliders
  • Animations

Thank you @Rick_Davidson for the learning experience and to everyone who helped along the way :slight_smile:


Well done for putting so much extra love into the project!