Hmm, I did a test render all the way to a mp4-video. Then I figured I’d try hooking up my Power-NUC, LapTop and Workstation i a network to join in the animation. Now, I didn’t think it would take so long or be so fun, but I ended up trying to pull in the machines I have. Running in UbuntuLinux they all share a network filesystem (NFS).

Then I found some useful settings in properties.

Placeholders means that the different running blender programs can figure out which file to render, just based on the frame-number embedded in the filename. Also, the Clamp-settings I use reduces the noice/flares so I can use 300 samples instead of 800 to get decent quality. I need this because I added glass, glossy and a lot of stuff for Cyclic ti work on…

So now the machines hummmm and add frame after frame in the networked folder, It’s getting warm and I am SOO glad I have a bag balcony to sit on :slight_smile:

Here is the low-res test render to start with…

Hmm, I think I have some … to drink on the balcony :smiley:

The humming stopped, let’s see…


A little spastic but interesting.

I know, thats why I am attending this couse.
I have no workflow to handle the complexities of my many ideas.
And of course I always compress time :slight_smile:, all the waiting when all you want is tell a story…

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