Lamp with bulb and shiny shader

To get a shiny inside of the shader you need either the emission or a Lamp of type Point (not Spot!).
I use Point because the emission material is to inefficient. To get the bulb to NOT prevent the
light to be rendered I had to keep the bulb a separate object and remove shadow for that object.

Then, to have the bulb react to the light (so it glows with the Point Lamp) I add a Translucency Shader.
So, these nodes add:

  • Glass for when the bulb is visible (and even light is off)
  • Translucency to capture the light from the Point - light
  • Glossy adds realism when the light is off and something else is shining on it
  • The Fresnel adds advanced realism (the glossy being relative to viewers angle)

So, now I can see the light fill the Model Lamps shader as well as light up properly where it points.
The bulb is also visible and the noice is not to bad at 500 samples…


Looks very realistic :thumbsup:

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