Lamp with bell shade

Im happy with how its turning out so far. let me know if it needs tweaking.


Looks great. I like your use of the nut.

Thanks, taking a look at the final video to see it in motion.

Wow!!! That is so cool, I hope I can eventually achieve this kind of quality.

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Haha thanks, but it’s more a thing of there’s always going to be people that seem better than you and there are always people going to be looking up to you as well.

Just watched your 11 second lamp movie, absolutely brilliant too, thanks for uploading. Inspiring.

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Thanks again for the kind words. My end goal is to make short films.

Wow that would be amazing, I am just doing it for my new UAV business, just got my Aerial Works Permissions, So I hope to create Intros for my Vimeo and Youtube videos etc. It will save me having to pay someone to do it. I am also half way through another diploma course in graphic design, but again I am just doing it for a hobby, Yes with your talent you will have absolutely no problem making movies. will you try to find work in the industry?

Im not really sure, have to just see how things go.

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