Lamp (modeling, rigging and rendering and animation!) finished!

This is my progress so far…I haven’t take the Nodes lecture, so I just made some materials the way I learnt before… I hope I can improve them after watching the nodes part.
The only thing I don’t know with my model is how to remove the ball joint from the inside I mean just that half part.


working with lights :blush:

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My animation
I did a nice render that took more than 15 hours!!! but unfortunately I lost it when I tried a openGl render without saving before the good rendering :frowning: I almost cry jeje… then I just tried a simple 10 samples render… not perfect but well… I am learning … so I wanted to share my progress… :frowning:


This is Amazing!

I just have a simple lamp shade with colors lol. Nothing to time consuming!!!

SEcond time

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