Lamp Base bevel issue

I am having difficulty beveling my inner ring in my lamp base. They are all planes, and I can select the outer ring with ring select. When I try to bevel that edge, nothing happens. Thoughts?

Make sure you have edge select on. I remember one time I had it in vertex select and I didn’t understand why it wasn’t doing anything. :sweat_smile: A screen shot might help others figure out what’s going on if that isn’t the problem.

I have edge select on. Here is a screen shot. When I try to bevel that edge loop nothing happens.

I think you cant bevel this edge, because you cant add or create new geometry, you can bevel the next edge loop.

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I was thinking the same thing. BUT… Mike did it. I just don’t understand how it worked for him.

I thought maybe it was due to Mike had attached geometry moving down within the base. I tried to add this and then bezel. Now I can bezel, but it only moves down along the tube. I am sure I am missing something simple, but I can not see it.

It should work if you are selecting only the border edge, I’m trying it in blender and works well, only select the edge you was beveling at first, but now you have the vertical geometry.


That screen shot is not showing the vertical edge selected, that is during the bevel process. It is beveling the vertical edge.

Did you extrude the edge loop to create the vertical geometry? or did you created it and attached to the edge? in this case you have to use the snapping tool (I don’t remember if the snapping is explained before or after the lamp) and removing doubles, it should work.
But in case you extrude it’s very strange that beveling are doing this.

Hi which lecture is this in relation to please? It may help if we have a reference to the video so we can see whats going on here.

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I extruded, and the video is 109.

It should work, I don’t know why the edge don’t bevel…
Try making someting similar to the base and bevel it, so you can see if the problem is in the base.

I decided about an hour ago that I was not happy with the base anyway, so I started over. When I got to this point, my base was naturally beveled from the bezier curve. I guess this topic is essentially solved, but still wish I knew why that happened.


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