Labrats - my entry for Ludum Dare 43


I’m still going through the unity 2D course (just finished the glitch garden section - I went through the old version because I wanted to get through it before Ludum Dare started to know more about animations, but am now going back to doing it through the new version).

I participated in Ludum Dare again this time (my second time). I really encourage anyone taking this course to try to participate next time! It is super fun, really effective at giving you motivation to actually finish a game, and you get tons of feedback from other participants after you submit.

Anyway, my game this time is Labrats:

Would really appreciate any feedback, and also interested to know if anyone else taking the course has participated!


This was a fun little game. It was challenging, but relaxing. And I enjoyed the dialogue. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be able to pass level 4 or not, but there wasn’t any cheese. I make mazes two, so I can really enjoy someone else.


Thank you for playing!

Yeah, you can pass level 4. There is no cheese in that level because it’s not an experiment the scientists are conducting, you are just confined to your cages. The objective is to escape the outer walls (that are also wooden). A lot of people get stuck at that level, I should probably have given a better in-game hint.

If you want hint for how to actually escape the outer wall: use the fire ability. Don’t waste two fire abilities on the walls of the inner cells. Remember that only one rat has to escape.

There are overall 8 levels to the game :slight_smile:

(Oh, and if you’re still stuck, there’s a walk through video on the page)


Yah, the hardest part of making games is making sure things that seems obvious are clear to the players.
Beat the game though! I must have spent close to an hour on Level 8!


Yeah, it became obvious once I saw streamers play my game, but it was very hard to figure out when I was playing the game by myself.

Wow, an hour on level 8! Hope it wasn’t too frustrating… congrats on beating it! (and thank you for trying again! :slight_smile: )