Kingdom Heart / Twisted Metal battle vehicles

OK so as far as the main vehicles go I had trouble with the modularity and there are a few topology issues I’m sure of. I feel I did a much better job topology and modularity wise with the tiny add ons. I also had issues setting up the camera to rotate around all of the assets at once so I had to do them each one at a time! Other than those few issues I feel like I did a decent job with this and I plan on building a Kingdom Heart Gummi ship before moving onto the next section!


Kingdom Hearts is my favorite game franchise of all time. I really love the gummy ships and design. This is incredible to see that you made these models using inspiration from KH and twisted metals. You did a great job :partying_face::100:

@XtremeJam87 check this out.

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I love these, as I kid I spent many hours playing Twisted Metal :grin:

Thank you everyone! I struggled at first but considering this was my first big build in blender I’m proud of it. I’m going to build an actual Gummi ship before moving onto section 4 just because the Gummi ship was my first 3D build in Maya. Thank you all again for the positive feedback!

If anyone can tell me where I can find refs of gummi ship blocks I would really appreciate it, I cant remember what all the block types looked like.