Kinematic Rigidbody 2D is useless?

Hi everyone and @ben, I have a doubt about the Kinematic Rigidbody 2D , I don´t understand why do we even need it, you say it is because we want to control how does the character move and respond to a collision, but first of all we made it´s box collider a trigger so no collisions there, second when we make it move we use the transform component, so let me see if I understand what is Rigidbody. The Rigidbody does not control any part of the character´s movement right? That component it is for physics reactions right? Or I am totally wrong?

Hope someone can answer,I have been struggling with the doubt for a while.

Hi Juan, if you look at the matrix on Unity’s collision manual page, you’ll see where kinematic rigidbodies are required to get collision events.

Does this help?

Yeah, thank you very much

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