Kickstarter Mega Thread

So now we’re funded, what’s next?

  1. We’re making the Physics course in 2020 anyway, as we got so close!
  2. You’ll get back-catalog courses around 30th July.
  3. The course will ship in September.

Meanwhile, where are you from and did you back the Kickstarter?


Well done, congrats !
Can’t wait for the course in september, and delighted to hear the Physics course will be done !

Btw, I’m from Paris and I did back the kickstarter.

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What a nice birthday present I bought myself as it’s in September. :smile:

From USA.


We both had the same present idea then as mine is September as well.

UK and backed as soon as I got the notification from Kickstarter.

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Awesome job guys! I am so happy we are getting the physics course!

I am from Florida. I backed the Kickstarter because I would like to work for Naughty Dog and I need to master my math for games skills!

I can’t wait to be joining the behind the scenes Zoom calls.

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Greetings from Montreal and congrats to the team!
I’m looking forward to starting school with my students in September.
The boys (it’s a boys school) will finally understand the importance of math and see it in action in a way to which they can all relate.
I backed the Kickstarter and became a lifetime member of

Life is good!


Greetings from Sweden! Backed the kickstarter campaign and looking forward for all the good things coming ahead!

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I’m already a lifetime member but I backed for £1 anyways :slight_smile:

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Congratulations on the success! From Atlanta, GA, USA, and I backed.

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Welcome Nadia!!

I’m Advêncio from Portugal.

I backed the Kickstarter with a pledge of £29

I’m excited with this Math course plus physics course as bonus =)

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I just bought a different course, and found your kicktraq advert for kickstarter, anyway i did one year computational math and found it too hard going, was part time with work and i couldnt get there often enough! this would be perfect for me but i cant find a way to buy it, is it now a case of waiting for release? couldnt find a way to back it and new to kickstarterr.

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Hi there, the Kickstarter is here:

Currently the course isn’t for sale, but will be in a couple of months.

Do join our mailing list at to find out when

Do the coupons have been already sent ?

i got my backlog coupons today. but the math course itself isnt out until september some time, so if you only got the math course on the kickstarter you will have to wait for your coupon

Have the coupons for Math for Games been sent? I can’t find an email or confirmation regarding this, last info is that they’d be sent in September. Thank you!


Thanks for your message and yes all the coupons went out via Kickstarter DM in September.

If your code has now expired please send a message via Kickstarter and we’ll issue a new one :slight_smile:

All the best,
Part of the team

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