Kickstarter Mega Thread

So now we’re funded, what’s next?

  1. We’re making the Physics course in 2020 anyway, as we got so close!
  2. You’ll get back-catalog courses around 30th July.
  3. The course will ship in September.

Meanwhile, where are you from and did you back the Kickstarter?


Well done, congrats !
Can’t wait for the course in september, and delighted to hear the Physics course will be done !

Btw, I’m from Paris and I did back the kickstarter.

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What a nice birthday present I bought myself as it’s in September. :smile:

From USA.


We both had the same present idea then as mine is September as well.

UK and backed as soon as I got the notification from Kickstarter.

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Awesome job guys! I am so happy we are getting the physics course!

I am from Florida. I backed the Kickstarter because I would like to work for Naughty Dog and I need to master my math for games skills!

I can’t wait to be joining the behind the scenes Zoom calls.

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Greetings from Montreal and congrats to the team!
I’m looking forward to starting school with my students in September.
The boys (it’s a boys school) will finally understand the importance of math and see it in action in a way to which they can all relate.
I backed the Kickstarter and became a lifetime member of

Life is good!


Greetings from Sweden! Backed the kickstarter campaign and looking forward for all the good things coming ahead!

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I’m already a lifetime member but I backed for £1 anyways :slight_smile:

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