Just wondering if you could add a Windows tag to the showcase

Hi all,

I just added a new topic to the showcase and in your intro you suggest tagging it with the platform that the game was published on. I published my game via the windows store but could not find any windows tags?

Hi there, we use tags exclusively to tag lectures now I’m afraid.

Where did you see the instructions, so I can remove them

Thanks for asking asking

Sorry about that I did not realise. I have not been on the forum for a
while. hopefully will catch up with everything that has happened as I
start back on the courses over the Christmas break.

It was actually on a pinned topic at the top of the thread but it only
appears if I am not logged in now. Here is a picture.

P.S. love all of the content you and your team produce and I am really
looking forward to the RPG course.

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Thanks, I’m resolving this as the way we use “tags” is as “Lectures” as explained.

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