Just published my first game: Oktoberfest Bier Frau

After going through the first half of the Unity course I took a break and worked solo on my own original game: Oktoberfest Bier Frau! Check the links below , and constructive feedback is very welcome :slight_smile:

Oktoberfest Bier Frau on Google Play (play by tilt): https://goo.gl/K82wyc
Oktoberfest Bier Frau on Wooglie (play by mouse): http://www.wooglie.com/games/Action/Oktoberfest-Bier-Frau

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Congratulations @Lee, it must be very satisfying to finally publish a game!! Iā€™m looking forward to publish mine within a couple of months too! :heart_eyes:

It seems to be a very good game, I`ll be downloading it as soon as I get home!!

Best Regards,

Johnny Dalvi