Just checking in to say hi

I’m taking the finish it course cause I’ve got too many projects and have stalled out on all of them. I’m a good way through but decided to pop over here since the discussions under videos in Udemy are gone now.

My first project to ‘finish’ is actually a tabletop rpg idea I’ve been working on for a while that needs to get done since a big company announced a similar idea is do to come out next year and so if I don’t release it soon I might as well never release it.

To finish another goal the game I’m doing is a Tokusatsu RPG (think godzilla, and power rangers). Letting people play characters who encounter epic fights, while solving more mundane problems in the background.

To add something to another video I just finished. I had to decide between using a game that already exists and adding to it or coming up with my own system entirely. It took a bit as there are a lot of pros and cons but between wanting more control and the worries of monetization I decided to build my own system.