Just A Quick Scene

So my friend, who doesn’t use Blender but will mess around with it from time to time, made this:

And then I wanted to recreate it in my own way, and came up with this: Was pretty fun using a simple shape, because then it allowed me to focus more on lighting and materials, and it looks pretty cool. Just a little model to do to take me away from the almost 3 minute animation I’ve been doing (which is almost done).


Looks cool… but what is it? :smiley:

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Hydrogen Oxide. Waiting for another little Oxygen ‘ball’ to join the stick waiting for it so it can be water. :droplet: :rofl:
That is what I am ‘running’ with.


Uhhh, a planet? So my friend just hopped on and asked me to choose what he should make, so I chose planet. The stem with the ball is supposed to be a tree, and he just left another stem there. He wasn’t taking it seriously and was just goofing around, so its obviously not complete or as good as it could’ve been. Definitely does look more like a molecule or atom :sweat_smile:.


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