Jupiters Cave

Salut fellow Devs,

I have taken the project boost and worked on the backend,
because I wanted to learn about Events.

The project was pretty simple , i thought why not use this
to add the EventBroker so gameObjects are reacting to events.

Added Events for:

  • the player hits a fuelpack
  • reaches the end or start of a level
  • how much fuel will be rewarded after collision


  • Loading next Level
  • Collision detection with amount to refuel

Check out the Gameplay so far at:

Its open source, if anyone is interested in my code have a look here:


  • GameOver Event
  • Game Handling has Subject implementation but its incomplete
  • many more features
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Amazing job :fire::fire::fire:

Nice twist using the event broker.

Hi there Kevin-Brandon,

it was a good learning experience but there is so much more to
do and workout for the events. The game has to be designed very clear for this to work on a bigger scale.

I put more effort than i really needed but i liked working with the fact of sending data to other objects or that objects are reacting to calls.