Julia`s Number Wizard UI game

This is mine Number Wizard game

I`ve improved the script a little to avoid repeating the same guess number successively (which is sometimes annoying when Wizard is guessing something between e.g. 999-1000)

Hi Julia, I found something rather strange (bug) when I tried to play the game. My number was 605 and when it got to 606 i put lower and it went to 604, then i hit higher and it went back to 606 again. I tested it 3 times just to make sure and each time it did the same thing. Hopefully you can try that test as well and let me know what you come up with and how you fix it, if it is something that needs to be fixed. Who knows maybe it is just my PC lol. EIther way would love to know what it could be. I am currently running into an issue where it only guesses my number 5 instead of the 10 I switched it to. Driving me crazy haha

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