Json version ("1.2") is not supported

Hi guys I have a problem with Live Coding. For whatever reason when I click on Live Coding I’m getting this error
ERROR: Unhandled exception: Dependency file “C:\Users\Jakub\Documents\Unreal Projects\ObstacleAssult\ObstacleAssault\Intermediate\Build\Win64\UnrealEditor\Development\ObstacleAssault\ObstacleAssault.init.gen.cpp.json” version (“1.2”) is not supported version
or this one
ERROR: Unhandled exception: Dependency file “C:\Users\Jakub\Documents\Unreal Projects\ObstacleAssult\ObstacleAssault\Intermediate\Build\Win64\UnrealEditor\Development\ObstacleAssault\MovingPlatform.gen.cpp.json” version (“1.2”) is not supported version
Do you guys know any solution to this?

That was fixed in Unreal 5.0.2. I suggest you make sure your engine is up to date and then rebuild your project. You can easily do that by just deleting the Binaries and Intermediate folder in your project and then re-open it.

Ok I did what you suggested and it worked, thanks a lot!

To anyone else: if you only see UE4 options in the version dropdown, try uninstalling your current engine followed by clicking the plus button next to “Engine Versions”. That will automatically add the latest UE5 version to your “Engine Versions” list.