Joining strings in MonoDevelop

In the video, when I was trying to join the strings, it would separate the strings instead of joining them together like it did with Ben. Can someone tell me what I did wrong in my code? Of course I had the correct layout it just won’t show my layout in this.

void Update () { if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space)){ text.text = "afdadofdmgkalljmnhgjvgkhfvckfghdcfgkhvkfghjgkhjkghjgkhjhjkvv " + "hkbfjhlgjfghdlhhjfhgjfhjgfhfjksahghjkahjkhgafghljfagfhjlahhgjffghjfafhafhfsgdsdsfffafhaffghjdafgadfghsdaffghkjhgjkhghgjhgghhgjhghghgjkghjkkhjgkhjgkhjgkhjgkjhgkjhgkjhgkjhgkjhgkjhgkhjgkhjgkjhgkjghkhgkhjgkhjgkjhgkhjgkhjgkhjgkhjgkhjgkhgkhjgkhjgkjhgkhgkhjgkjhgkjhgkjhgkhgkhjgkhju"; } } }

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