It's the start of a new week, what will you be working on?

Hey all,

Hope you all had a nice weekend, but it’s Monday now, for most the start of a new week, so I thought I’d ask, “What will you be working on this week?”

For me, I’m toying with a little prototype I started on a few weeks ago that I had to pause work on. Whilst it was only a prototype, my scaling is somewhat off so I plan to try to spend some time this week working on that and seeing if I can get it to look/feel a bit better before proceeding any further. Aiming for the Minimum Viable Product, but that is unlikely to happen this week.

How about you?


Hello mr rob…
In my country this is the 3rd day of the week :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway i started yesterday to build a dramatic game … I know that

the sea and the sky are awful cause i didnt find any good free game art source … But i m very happy that i found a free boat … I just animate it… (Picture from unity remote)
So that was what i do on this week :smiley:

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Learning new lessons from Ben with the Unreal Course (Tank Battle) and add new ideas and assets to my HoverTank game :slight_smile:

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I rotate my learning focus weight each week between blender and Unity just so I don’t lose a handle on each… ( 2 days on / 1 personal projects / 2 on / 1 completely off.
Well this week, seen as I’ve got a week off work, firstly its a couple of days back into the Blender course.
for my personal project, I’m trying to figure out how to replicate the mechanics behind a bubble shooter game (as the kids are asking me to make one for them, and they get involved too once I get the core play mechanics understood)

So lots of paper and pencil flow charts and scribbles :slight_smile: and a bit of implementation to test.

the yellow markers are the grid snap locations (which I havent finished implementing yet), getting head round CircleCasting, so I scale up each marker within a certain radius for visual indication, and then find the closest to snap to (wednesdays job)


Alongside continuing the Unity course (currently at Glitch Garden), I am putting into practice what I am learning with my first game: Inperil - Research Island. Last weekend was creating the first draft of the title screen and level manager:

Using Gaia from the Asset Store to generate the island, the game objects are not optimized for mobile use so any generated island seems to be too large. I have a checklist of goals that I am working through, otherwise I find myself going off on tangents and not sticking to the target.

This week I hope to work on generating an island that uses fewer objects and can be built for mobile. Also I am working on a helicopter asset for the opening cut scene :slight_smile:


Going to be starting the Glitch Garden section of the Unity course.


Keep working on getting my clouds just right.


There is nothing to show yet but I’m making pirates and mosters game for android. You have a ship and you have to survive as long as you can. There will be many modes, levels, items to collect etc. A lot to do yet. :slight_smile:

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Trying to find an idea for an android minigame :slight_smile:

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I’ll continue working through Building Escape in the Unreal Course while designing more rooms to escape from.

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My priorities are support first (as always), swiftly followed by BattleTank production.


I’ll start making progress in the Block Breaker section of the course for sure (I have a few ideas that I’m interested to try out down the line), and I may or may not start the animated lamp section of the Blender course.


Working through my GDD for my modified version of Block Breaker. I’ve read enough about Regular Expression now to be able to finish my score system.

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I will be working on my extended version of the Zombie Runner. I still need to get the UI right, fix some issues with the arms animation, and create a proper end game.

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New week new tasks. Now that I’m through the block breaker section, I am going to work on a game in that style. I’ll start with the GDD and I’ll even create my own assets(minus sounds). Hope to have a prototype up this week.

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Finishing as much of BattleTank in the Unreal course as possible. Other than that it is support, helping Sam and Mikey and attending to the 100s of other little details that keep things moving forward.

Thanks for asking

This week I will mostly be wearing… corduroys… oops, wrong show…

Last week: I scaled up my little prototype towards the end of last week, I had been putting it off but in hindsight wished I hadn’t as it was considerably more easy than I had expected. I am a happier with how it looks, for now. I also added some simplistic movement controls.

This week: I would like deploy a suitable solution to limit the character movement. Initially I thought this would be straight forward but, I think, it may be more complex. If you have ever seen/played with Scalextric (toy slot car), I suppose it’s similar to that, only I have no slot. I am confident I can fix this for certain areas, but others I think will be more challenging (junctions). I have so far tried using colliders but it does inject a lot of wobble which is a shame, because other than that, it does exactly what I want.

Other than that I will probably spend considerable time trawling the Facebook groups and these forums :slight_smile:


So, popping the movement of the player object into FixedUpdate has utterly removed the wobbly/jittery effects I was seeing when it collided. Time to increase the radius of the collider and see if I have achieved this week’s goal in a matter of hours on a Monday… that would be awesome!

Update - Update

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! hehe, still not 100% perfect but I think that may be because the gap is just fractionally larger than the diameter of the collider but I now feel like running around the house like an excited child, spinning round and round in the lounge until I am so dizzy I can no longer stand. But instead, I will put some washing on… RealLife™ sigh

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Last week was about figuring out a rough sketch for my Supply/ Demand model for my Sea Trading Game This week is going to be about implementing the specifics for the game, and getting them to work at least independently. If I can get to it, I want to have them start to work with each other, such that if the demand for something is really high, more work will be done to get the supply higher, etc. I’m also working on the formula for how supply/ demands translate into cost of goods.

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I took a week or two off after finishing Laser Defender, and am now going to start on the Glitch Garden section.

I’m also going to start my first independent project. Using what I’ve learned so far from this course, and from outside resources. Its going to be a space based game, find resources, build up your ship, station, defenses, etc, fight off raiders.

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>>> First gameplay <<< of my Castle Defender. There is still a lot to do but I think that now it looks okey. :slight_smile:

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