It's official I suck at sculpting



That’s not a bad start actually. You just seem to have some minor mirroring issues round the feet and may have to re-symmetrize before moving on to the next step.

First attempts at sculpting failed horribly and Grant’s course taught me the importance of incremental improvements…

Every new project will start off looking terrible… but you should not lose heart, because it takes time and effort to get it to look good. And the less practice you have, the longer it will take, but take as long as you need to build the experience and you will get better and faster.

Good luck with the rest of the course.


I think it looks good you just need smoothing and use of snake or grab tool. My shape was almost identical but in later sections you will have a general idea for how to sculpt.
I’m still working on it but here this is the progress of mine. It was similiar to your shape at the begining. I tried to make it my own.


Wow, thanks, that’s really motivating :slight_smile:

That looks really nice, good job