It's not going to win a prize

…but here is my sculpted bunny #2!

The first one was absolutely awful but, I trudged on to the particles lesson and found I didn’t need to be as particular and detailed as I thought. So, I decided to start over and redid my bunny. It turned out pretty well despite my not being a sculptor and probably never will be. :imp:


Good Work!
Modelling with metaballs is hard, In the next section you will discover a modifier that will make it really fun sculpting

I am happy to hear that, Xurxo! I definitely had to take my time and try out a few of the different meta ball shapes to get the body close. It was rather fun to play with the meta balls but, I think I had to use 7-8 to get the job done the 2nd time. I was much more sparing this time around the sculpt draw tool and the Dyno functions. It’s really high in tris=25,352 (before hair).

I like it, it reminds me of a chocolate Easter bunny! yum.

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Needs a little red collar with a golden bell :slight_smile:

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